How Much Does It Cost to Build a Web3 Game?

What is Web3?

Build a Web3 Game – A group of technologies collectively referred to as “Web 3.0” are designed to create a virtual environment that mimics the real world while occupying no actual physical space. Its technologies are blockchains, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Users may own and manage digital material thanks to Web 3.0. The Web3 game development method mandates the decentralization of various gaming components, including asset ownership, decision-making for all gameplay regions, and asset ownership.

What is Web3 gaming?

Especially in the gaming industry, Web 3 has cleared the way for innovation. Gamers can enjoy the game creatively and democratically due to Web3. Playing Web3 games allows players to receive prizes using blockchain and NFTs. On centralized servers under the supervision of game managers, traditional games often keep their data and information. Centralized servers are ineffective and vulnerable to shutdowns and hacker assaults. Digital assets are more susceptible to loss since the centralized server cannot defend itself against cyberattacks and hacking attempts.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), play-to-earn, blockchain-based game asset ownership, metaverse gaming, and crypto-secured gaming wallets are just a few of the clever strategies that Web3 gaming provides.

Hire a dedicated team of game developers or a web3 game development company to develop your new web3-based game.

The Features of Web3 Gaming

True asset ownership is provided by Web3 gaming in the form of distinctive NFTs. Web3 gaming is open source and offers decentralized gaming with the ability to buy, sell, and possess virtual goods. Let’s talk about the main components of Web3 gaming.

Possession and Compatibility

While conventional gaming only grants you a license to use in-game assets, Web3 gaming allows players to own in-game purchases in digital NFTs. Users can maintain their in-game assets in Web3’s decentralized ecosystem even if they switch platforms. Web3 gaming offers total ownership and control over in-game resources. Thanks to interoperability, gamers may save their in-game assets even if they switch platforms.

Integration of an Old Game

Gaming is personal. Every gamer has their own personal favorites. By using the metaverse, web3 gaming enables improvements to well-known classic games. The blockchain and metaverse are extended and decentralized by Web3, allowing the players to exchange their collectibles and in-game goods.


Web3 is a blessing for gamers everywhere. It has several user-friendly features, such as play-to-earn, where players may get money by performing in-game tasks like missions or puzzles. The user may enjoy their favorite games in the metaverse thanks to old game integration. Additionally, it gives players ownership of in-game things, a feature they want.

No Downtown

Web3 gaming is independent, needs no upkeep, and has virtually no outside influence. Web3 gaming never experiences downtime because of Block minting and a large data storage facility.

A Clear Ecosystem

Web3 games are safe and unhackable since they are housed on the blockchain. A voting census is necessary for the game modification process, which involves every player connected to the network. A great amount of transparency is offered by this.

Some of the key components of Web3 gaming are these. Web3 gaming is the next breakthrough in the gaming sector because of its democratic atmosphere, total transparency, and real ownership of assets.

Statistics for the gaming industry

The worldwide gaming market is expected to increase by $125.65 billion.

Up until 2025, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is anticipated to soar by 12.40%.

About 22.6 million gamers in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region are the largest holders of cryptocurrencies.

Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America make up the remaining geographical areas after that.

APAC’s share of global cryptocurrency income is around US$157.3 million, or 49%, while North America’s share is approximately US$80.3 million, or 25%.

Console games come in second with the largest income, nearly 40% higher, or US$128.4 million, than mobile games.

Mobile games account for most of the income, with US$128.4 million, followed by console games, with US$89.9 million. PC games, tablet games, and web games come next.

Some Elements that Impact Web3 Pricing Include:

  • The complexity of requirements
  • The abilities needed to build it.
  • Time required to create.
  • What capabilities does the app offer?

Requirements’ Complexity

The needs determine the price of web3 development. The following three categories of expenses have an impact on development costs:

Low-Cost Web3 Game

The development of this kind of game takes little time and is simple enough. This kind of job is often finished in less than two months.

Medium-Priced Web3 Game

Although it takes more time, this application is still simple and only needs a few features or modifications. This type 2 job typically takes two to three months to complete.

High-Priced Web3 Game

To be successful on the market, this sort of application must be complicated, have a lot of features, and have a lot of modifications. Depending on the complexity and quantity of parts required for the final result, these applications might take up to six months or longer to build than three months.

Web3 game development prices start from $15,000-$300,000

Most locally and internationally respected businesses appreciate their reputation and pay attention to the quality of the items they produce. And they’ll search for one immediately if they need to acquire the required abilities. Depending on your area and where you save the most money, You may use experts to bargain for the best pricing on your behalf.


That was everything about the price of developing web3 games. Due to the guide, you now know the fundamental component of a web3 product’s cost. The nature of your merchandise will also affect the price. Of course, you’ll pay less for a chatting app than a web-3 gaming platform. Outsourcing a web3 development company will cost you much less, though it depends on how you evaluate the cost and your needs.

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