How You Should Check the Level of Vitamin B12 into Human Body

Are you feeling faint or fatigue wraps you without any reason. Such symptoms along with feeling weak, pins and needles are triggering signs that you are suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency. Undergo Vitamin active B12 level test today and seek treatment on time. Read this blog if you want to gain information on this test.  

What will happen if you have a lower Vitamin B12 level?

It is tough to figure out that you have Vitamin B12 deficiency. Hence, you lack from it dangerously even without knowing about it. Apart from any random persons, pregnancy can also bring a drop in the Vitamin B12 level.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the body for the following functions:

    • Cell division

    • Fighting fatigue

    • The normal function of the nervous system

    • Maintaining normal psychological function

    • Healthy immune function

    • Forming RBCs

    • Production of energy from food

When the body has a lower level of Vitamin B12, it will come out in several ways:

    • Disturbed vision

    • Issues with memory, judgement and understanding

    • Confusion

    • ‘Foggy’ brain

    • A red sore

    • Feeling weak

    • Energy loss

    • Extreme fatigue

What leads to a deficit in the level of Vitamin B12?

Certain aspects which contribute to Vitamin B12 deficiency are:

  • Pernicious Anaemia

This is the most usual cause for having Vitamin B12 deficiency. Pernicious anaemia is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system of the body starts invading the healthy cells. Therefore, it will affect the stomach and cells which are responsible for absorbing the Vitamin B12.

Whilst the exact reason for having this condition is unknown, it mainly invades women about 60 years of age or who are having a family history of the problem and other autoimmune conditions like Addison’s disease.

  • Diet

Any person can have depleted Vitamin B12 levels as they are not taking enough of the nutrient from drinks and foods. A diet with dairy products, meat and fish provides a supple Vitamin B12 amount. But those who are vegetarians and vegans or the ones who are having poor diets can lack it. You must know that the storage of Vitamin B12 will last for 2-4 years with no replenishment.

  • Certain stomach problems

Some stomach-related problems affect the absorption ability of Vitamin B12. Gastrectomy is one such surgical procedure in which some stomach part will remove which resist or lower the secretion of Vitamin B12. As a result, it heightens the chance of having Vitamin B12 deficiency. 

  • Specific medications

Many medications lower the level of Vitamin B12 in the blood. For instance, the medication helps in treating indigestion namely PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) will worsen the deficiency of Vitamin B12. It is so because it inhibits the secretion of stomach acid which will release the necessary Vitamin B12. 

  • Functional deficiency of Vitamin B12

A deficiency of functional Vitamin B12 happens if you are experiencing any symptoms despite having normal Vitamin B12 levels in your blood. It will take place in case there is any issue with the proteins which have the role to transport Vitamin B12 within the body. As a result, you are likely to experience neurological complexities with the spinal cord as well. 

What is the Vitamin B12 test?

If you visit the GP with suspicion of lower Vitamin B12 level, pernicious anaemia or B12 deficiency then it is not possible for absorbing the Vitamin B12 from foods. At that time you have nothing to do except for booking the blood tests

Vitamin B12 test checks for:

    • Vitamin B12 level in blood

    • If there is a higher range of RBCs than normal

    • If you have lower haemoglobin than the normal range

Why you must perform a Vitamin B12 blood test?

A blood test is really helpful as it is the only way for determining the levels of Vitamin B12. But due to modern technology, you can perform the Vitamin B12 test from the comfort of your home as well.

Blood test at the clinic vs. Home B12 diagnostic kit

Many people wonder why they will perform the test at home when they can visit any clinic and do it. But recently, there is a flaw in the way NHS start testing Vitamin B12.

Most kinds of blood tests only look for the total level of Vitamin B12 in the blood. It means that it looks for both inactive and active levels of Vitamin B12. In this way, it becomes difficult to diagnose the exact level of active Vitamin B12 level. Moreover, such tests often show the normal level of Vitamin B12.

But the trouble is inactive Vitamin B12 is not possible to use by the body. Therefore, you need to choose such a test as the b12 home test which looks only for the active level of Vitamin B12. So, you can be diagnosed whether you have Vitamin B12 deficiency or not.   

Advantages of using a home Vitamin B12 diagnostic kit

    • No need for a doctor’s appointment

    • Easy and fast

    • A range of options to choose from regarding the tests

    • Highly convenience

    • No need to take off a day or holiday

Despite the accuracy of the test and brand you use, these tests cannot replace the necessity of visiting the doctor in case you have symptoms too. The companies cannot treat your problem. So, you have to seek treatment from a doctor sooner or later to ensure peace of mind regarding the level of Vitamin B12.

How does it work?

In general, the functionality depends entirely on the brand. Still, more or less the home Vitamin B12 blood test kit will function in the following way:

    1. Pick up the test kit from any nearby pharmacy or online

    1. It will contain a finger prick vial to take the blood from the fingertip to analyse for Vitamin B12

    1. You need to send the specimen to a lab or arrange for delivery personnel to deliver it to you

    1. The sample will analyse at the accredited laboratory and they will send back the result within a couple of days

Does the home B12 test work?

In case you opt for a popular brand home test kit for checking the level of Vitamin B12, then it will tie up with the accredited lab for analysing the blood samples. Therefore, it is clear that it will analyse the result giving every detail. However, make sure that you finish your part perfectly as it is the key. 

Tips for selecting an at-home Vitamin B12 test kit

Certain important factors you need to consider during choosing the at-home Vitamin B12 testing kit are:

    • Look for the one which determines total or active Vitamin B12 level. But the one that tests for a full level of Vitamin B12 is not suitable to diagnose the deficiency.

    • Check the one using an accredited UKAS lab for analysing the samples. Anyone will go for any old lab testing. They want the real deal.

    • Choose if they employ doctors for interpreting the results. Aftercare is always helpful especially when the result is quite confusing. An onboard doctor can seek the necessary treatment when needed.

    • Select one from reputed brand. Search online especially to have an eye on the reviews for checking what other people say about the services.   

Tips to obtain the accurate result from an at-home kit

Some tips to obtain the best result from a home kit for vitamin B12 are:

    • Strictly follow the instructions given on the blood test kit

    • Stop taking supplements of biotin for 2 days before the test

    • To obtain the accurate deficiency in your body you must avoid the intake of Vitamin B12 supplements

How will you maintain a healthy level of Vitamin B12 at your home?

In case your body produces a lower amount of Vitamin B12 then consult with your doctor and seek the necessary treatment. They can easily diagnose the right cause and treatment of the problem. You can start intaking supplements of Vitamin B12 if any lifestyle and diet deplete its level.

Remember, taking multivitamins will help too as it contains Vitamin B12. These will not lead to any problems related to Vitamin B12 in case you won’t consume excessive B12-enriched foods.

Consumption of any or all of the following will help you to maintain the level of Vitamin B12:

    • Fortified nutritional yeast

    • Fortified breakfast cereals

    • Fortified plant milk

    • Fortified mock meats

    • Dairy

    • Fish

    • Meat


Vitamin B12 is a highly essential nutrient for the human body. It is key to responsible for the development and function of nerve cells and the brain. Even it binds the protein to the food which we consume and forms DNA and RBCs.

So, in any way you should maintain the accurate level of this nutrient. In case, you feel any unusual symptoms then you must go for an active B12 test in the UK by visiting any nearby clinic. 

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