Learn Here – How to See Clipboard History on Android Phones.

A clipboard is a space on your device where you copy any information and then access it later on. A clipboard is very important in the task of copying and pasting information from one application to other.  

We often copy many things like addresses, passwords, and some pieces of information, and in storing this information clipboard plays an essential role. It is basically a temporary storage space where texts get stored when we cut or copy them. 

But as said that it is a temporary storage space, the copied text remains there only for 1 hour, and after that, it will be erased. If you copy something else in the meantime then the new text will replace the old one. 

There are many users like you who by mistake cut or copy something because of this. They lose the actual copied text they need. But you do not need to get worried because in this blog we have some ways for you to view clipboard history Android so that you can get your text back. 

Check and restore the clipboard history on an Android device – 

To make the steps and ways easier for you. We have divided them into three parts and we will be discussing these three parts one by one. So that you can have a comprehensible knowledge of them.  

Part 1 – In-built clipboard on Android device 

The majority of the keyboard already come with an in-built clipboard software that stores the texts for you so here are the steps for viewing the clipboard of the famous Gboard which most people use. 

You have to begin by opening your Gboard also known as Google keyboard on the text field where you are willing to copy the information. 

Now, tap on the arrow key from the upper left corner of the keyboard and tap on the icon of the paper board or clipboard icon whichever you see. 

As soon as you will click on the icon the clipboard manager of Gboard will open in front of you. 

Here, you can have a look at the clipboard history Android and you can also restore the text you want, and copy the information to paste it somewhere else you just need to click on the text and paste it wherever you want to. 

Part 2 – 3rd party clipboard manager

If you are not using Gboard then you can opt for a third-party application for clipboard manager which will offer you more options and customization services. 

There are plenty of such applications on the Play Store from where you can select the one which suits you and is best for you. However, we would suggest you opt for an app that does not need root access and is a bit more secure like Clipper – clipboard manager. 

If you use Clipper then the steps to get your copied text are pretty easy you can initiate after you have downloaded as well as installed the application on your Android phone

After granting permissions to the app, wherever you will copy a text it will get stored in the application and you will be very easily able to access it by simply opening the app and accessing it. 

When you will open Clipper, on the main page you will find the icon of the clipboard which you have to click on. As soon as you click on it you will be displayed with all the clipboard content which you have copied. 

In addition to these features, you will also get to access things like creating note-taking templates, tags, pins, putting clipboards into categories, etc. 

Part 3 – Tips for making use of a clipboard 

Even though using a clipboard makes your task easier but it also comes with certain security risks. This is why we will tell you some tips which you must consider while you are using a clipboard. 

All the information you copy is stored in one single place and anybody having access to your device can see these details. So, if you are planning to copy some passwords or some personal details on the clipboard we would suggest you not do so. 

Besides this, you should also keep in mind that you give access and permissions only to the apps which you trust. There have been cases where certain applications have used the information from your clipboard to collect your data without your information. 

So, while making use of certain technology like viewing the clipboard on Android you should also be alert and careful. So that you can save your information from being misused by someone else. 

We believe that all the information we have offered to you in this blog regarding the Android clipboard has been useful and constructive for you in learning about it and storing it in your mind. You can read our blog to get more tech solutions.

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