Ultimate Guide to Market Yourself as the Best Freelance Writer?

Are you a freelance writer trying to market yourself for more writing projects? No matter how good you are in content writing or the milestones you have achieved, marketing yourself as a writer is the key to success. But that may not mean that you need to pitch yourself continuously or stay neck-deep with numerous writing projects.

You should aim to make your presence stronger online and handle reasonable work. Even the best freelance content writers need to take a couple of days off from work to start afresh. After all, you don’t want to be loaded with various projects without gaining strength in niche areas of different industry segments.

So, how should you promote yourself as a freelance content writer? Here are a few approaches you may note.

  • Save your projects to show your work

Imagine hiring a photographer without sneaking into their clicks or worse getting someone who may not use a professional camera. Similarly, no one would dare to hire freelance content writers without knowing their work. The last thing you want is to work with clients that offer no scope of growth or where payments are often delayed. So, the best you can do to avoid such instances is to have samples of your blogs and articles. That is why every freelance writer should have samples of work to show to potential clients. Make sure you show only well-written and researched samples for clients to trust your worth.

  • Pick a niche for writing

Content writers must have expertise in penning articles on various topics. But having experience in a few niches may mean more opportunities for getting work. Picking a niche may also mean that your name and presence can be better on the internet. You can build your strength and reputation on a specific segment and may be considered a freelance writer who can pull up any piece of writing in the respective segment. You need to build your reputation in a few niches and get hired for them.

  • Use your portfolio on different platforms

The internet is a hub of many things and freelance writers as well. So, you may be pitching your portfolio to several competitors. An excellent method to differentiate yourself from the rest is to use your portfolio on different platforms. Do you know why? By showcasing your portfolio, you will prove your worth as a writer and gradually get more recognition.

Most blog writers for hire have their portfolios on different platforms.  Try to upload your samples to different platforms to get more exposure. Content Freelancing is one of the agencies from where you can hire freelance writers specializing in different segments.

  • Create a website

An excellent way of promoting yourself as a freelance content writer is starting a website. All you need to do is start a website on any of the free platforms like WordPress and create a niche. Try to publish your content at least once a month for higher visibility.

  • Using an email signature

If you are already working for a few creative content-writing services, chances are that you send dozens of emails every day. So, a great option would be to use your email signature when promoting yourself as a freelance writer. Do you know what to include in the email signature? You must include your name, designation, website, email address, phone number, and social media profiles. The email signature functions as a digital business card. Even if a few email recipients show interest in your work, it may mean a lot of opportunities coming your way.

  • Start your blog

Do you need an excuse to start a blog, leave alone when promoting yourself as a content writer?  The blog may be created on your preferred topic and you need to post often to show how active you are in the blog. Blogs have emerged as one of the best tools to promote those who are in the freelance writing business.

  • Connect with other writers

You are no one in the freelance writing industry unless you connect with your peers in the field. Usually, freelancers do not work in the office and find it tough to network with other writers. Thanks to the internet where freelance writers may connect with others in the industry.

  • Keep up with the latest trends

When promoting yourself as a freelance writer, you need to keep pace with the trends.  When studying the trends, you will come to know which niches are more popular. But you need not always write on topics that are trending. Ideally, you need to maintain a fine balance of trendy topics and niches that you find interesting to write on.

Marketing yourself as a content writer is tapping the best opportunities to find better projects to launch your career as an established writer. It is not a daunting task. You just have to do things right and secure the good things that come your way.

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